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One Voice Walks

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One Voice Walks

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a One Voice Walk?

● Part of Virtual CureFest, a One Voice Walk is an activity for an individual, family, or group who come together to walk in support of children with cancer. We ask that you organize your walks on Saturday, September 21 or Sunday, September 22.

Who can participate in a One Voice Walk?

● Anyone who is interested in and supports the fight against Childhood Cancer can participate in a One Voice Walk. All we ask is that you first register for CureFest.

Is there an age limit for participants in a One Voice Walk?

● No, however, young children should be chaperoned by a parent or guardian.

Who can organize a One Voice Walk?

● Any individual, family, or group can plan and organize a One Voice Walk. All we ask is that you first register for CureFest.

Where should the course be located?

● A residential neighborhood with minimal traffic is the best choice. You should also explore public parks and school and college campuses. You will want to select a location that allows the use of sidewalks, a track or trails as much as possible with a minimum number of street crossings.

What time should a One Voice Walk be scheduled?

● CureFest will live stream the in-person program from Washington, DC on Sunday, September 22th from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm EST. We suggest that you schedule your walk before or after the program.

How will my steps be counted?

● Each person who registers for a One Voice Walk will be given an option to download a mobile app to record his or her steps. Each participant’s steps will be tabulated and posted on CureFest’s social media platforms.

Should One Voice Walk photos and videos be posted to personal social media pages?

●Yes, of course, but please send them to us as well so we can give your One Voice Walk national exposure. Please include - #curefest and #GOLDSTRONG.

Can One Voice Walk t-shirts and other merchandise be ordered?

● Yes, honor beads and One Voice Walk branded t-shirts and banners will be available. We are currently have two differently designed t-shirts. Details, pricing, and ordering information for honor beads and banners will be announced closer to September.

What's the best way to promote a One Voice Walk?

● Social media, email lists, and word of mouth will usually be sufficient.

***Please follow all pedestrian safety ordinances, including walking on a sidewalk where available and not in the road. ***

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