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What does CureFest mean to me? 


When I was asked this question, I thought “I could write a novel and that wouldn’t even come close to expressing how much CureFest means to me”. My family and I attended CureFest for the first time in September 2017, and it has been a yearly tradition, and one that we hold so close to our hearts ever since. The connections we have made at CureFest have become our family- they are the greatest blessings in our lives. It’s more than just a 5-day event- it’s a movement, a voice, a family. Though we may live miles apart, CureFest allows us to come together in person as one, and the fight doesn’t stop there- our hearts and our fight are united and continue as one, 365 days/year, until there is a cure. We are so excited for CureFest 2022 and thankful everyday for the dream team (Dena, Kristen, & Mike) who make it all possible! :)


~ Jen Caruso

Swirls Around the World

The first CureFest I volunteered at was in 2019, and I was beyond thrilled to volunteer again in 2021. It sounds a bit dramatic, but it literally changed my life. I met amazing families that I had followed on social media, and many have become true friends that I speak to regularly. I met kids who are stronger and braver than anyone I know, fighting against the monster that is cancer. I met other volunteers who share the same goal as I - to do our part in raising awareness and increasing funding. CureFest is incredibly uplifting, emotional, inspiring, and truly one of my favorite weekends of the year. This year, my 10-year-old son will accompany me for the first time to volunteer, and I am over the moon to be able to share this absolutely life changing experience with him!


- Robin Reiter, Advocate

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After losing our daughter to Ewing’s Sarcoma cancer, I would be remiss if I didn't join thousands of others in denouncing the lack of funding childhood cancer research receives from the federal government. Many of us started our own businesses and nonprofits to give back, but I’m looking at the whole picture now. We need to be working all angles, CureFest allows me to do that…one voice, staying on message so we can get legislation through. Look what happened when we all came together for the STAR Act and the RACE for Children’s Act. That’s progress!

- Rebecca Hastings, CEO/Founder

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I have been attending CureFest in our nation’s capitol for almost every year for the past ten years. For me, it is my go-to event of the year. As a childhood cancer advocate, it’s exciting to see so many families gathered together who are determined to improve the outcomes of children fighting cancer. Their collective spirit recharges my passion and gives me and others hope that we, together, can and will make a difference in the lives of children who are now, or may be in the future, fighting cancer. As important as it is for me, it’s even more important for the kids to see that they are not alone. They will meet others, make lasting friendships and encourage each other long after CureFest is over. Come, bring the family this September and mix a little action with your passion!

Joe Baber, Virginia Beach, VA

The Nicholas Conor Institute

Grandpa and Advocate Extraordinaire

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