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Express, Create & Heal Workshops

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Registration is now closed. We hope to see you at CureFest!

A Moment of Magic, Glimmer of Hope, CureFest present Express, Create, and Heal Workshops

Saturday, September 23 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the JW Marriott.


Children with critical or chronic illnesses are 7x more likely to require mental health services.  We want to make accessing mental health resources easier and more fun than ever before.

Mental health can be big, messy, and scary. Often it can be hard to know what we're feeling, let alone to share how we're feeling with others. The goal of this session is to help kids and teens make big feelings a little less scary, provide tools and activities that make sharing big emotions easier, and to create a space for healing and resilience -- all while creating community and having fun!

A Moment of Magic & CureFest are teaming up to create a two hour long session where we will use tools like literature and journaling, music, art, and community to tackle big emotions and build our toolkits to thrive.

There will be 5 sessions, each with their own unique, age appropriate activities for the following groups of childhood cancer fighters, survivors, and siblings:

  • Ages 3 - 6

  • Ages 7 - 9

  • Ages 10-12

  • Ages 13-15

  • Ages 16-19

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