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Virtual CureFest Registration

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CureFest 2022 will take place in a hybrid format this September. There will be an in-person event in Washington, DC as well as an interactive virtual format that will allow families from across the world to participate in their own communities.

This is the registration page for the virtual CureFest. 

Virtual CureFest: One Voice Walks

Rather than just one large walk in Washington, DC, this year will feature hundreds of informal neighborhood One Voice walks around the country. Some walks may involve one person and others might involve many families. Customized banners with the name of your group, organization or community will be available for purchase at cost. 

Custom CureFest App

Participants will be interconnected virtually through an interactive, custom app that will count the group’s steps for the day. Based on the number of participants, we will have a group goal for steps taken on September 25 and 26. There will also be unique ways for families to share updates and words of encouragement with other families.

Virtual CureFest Registration

Thank you for registering for Virtual CureFest for Childhood Cancer! We will be in touch with additional details!

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