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CureFest Options

While we cannot predict what will be happening with regard to COVID-19, we will be following CDC guidance and National Park Service regulations.

We will post updates on this website and on our social media platforms. 
We have designed CureFest as a hybrid event with three options for your safety, convenience and travel budget. Regardless of your situation and the state of COVID-19, there will be an option for you. 

Here are three ways you can participate in CureFest 2021:

• In-person: Attend CureFest in Washington, DC. 

• Virtual: Participate from home with your family or larger group by using the CureFest app and/or holding a virtual walk in your neighborhood or community

• Livestream: Watch key parts of CureFest from home, the hospital or anywhere in the world. During the speeches and presentations on Sep. 25 and 26, there will be various calls-to-action that you can complete from your computer. 

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Our Mission
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