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Hero Round Up

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Hero Round Up

Friday, September 23 from 3 p.m.- 5 p.m. 

National Press Club

Cost: FREE; However registration is limited.

Age:  4 - 14 year olds who are fighters, survivors or siblings 

While your parents attend the White House Briefing on Childhood Cancer Watch Party at the National Press Club September 23 from 3-5 pm as part of the BrainStorm Summit, please hang out with us instead!  We're having a Hero Round Up in the next room.  


We've got big things planned for YOU powered by Leia's Kids Foundation and Oliver Patch Project.   Leia and Oliver are heroes like you.  They have battled cancer and put the yuck of cancer to work for good! 

You're a special hero whether you have cancer, had cancer, you are helping and supporting your brother or sister fight cancer, or you're keeping your brother or sister's memory alive while your heart heals. 

Come meet other kids in this Club of Heroes and explore your own super powers!  Be ready for fun stories and creative activities.  Come work on a cool project to help other kids around the country just like you.   


Registration is Free.  Space is limited to 40 children ages 4-14.

Hero Round Up for Ages 4 - 14
Please complete a separate registration for each participant. 
Participant's Status

Thank you for registering! We will be in touch with additional details!

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