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MoveSpring CureFest App Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Connect with CureFest participants from around the world with an interactive, custom step and activity challenge app!

The MoveSpring CureFest app works in conjunction with a fitness app installed on your smartphone or with a wearable fitness device like a Fitbit. You can see a list of all compatible devices and apps linked here.  During registration, you will be instructed to link your fitness app or fitness device to the MoveSpring CureFest app.


If you do not own a wearable fitness device, you can easily set up your smartphone to track your steps by installing a free fitness tracking app on your phone. For iPhones, you'll use the Health app and for Android phones, you'll use the Google Fit app.

All iPhones 5S and newer come with the Health app pre-installed and many Android phones come with Google Fit preinstalled. If your Android phone does not have Google Fit pre-installed, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Here is a link to download and install the app and sign up for the STEPtember Challenge.

Please follow the step-by-step instructions to setup and personalize your account.

The STEPtember Challenge begins Sep. 1 but you can join at any time. The One Voice Challenge is a two-day group challenge on September 24 and 25. Prizes will be awarded randomly to those who are using the app.


If you have any technical difficulties connecting your device or app or syncing steps to MoveSpring, please use the chat feature from the CureFest app or send an email to to reach MoveSpring customer support.



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