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Sponsor a Flag


Childhood cancer foundations and related groups and organizations may exhibit on Freedom Plaza on Saturday, September 25 from 5 PM to 7 PM during the CureFest Meet and Greet.


The fee to rent a 6' table and up to 4 chairs is $20 and covers our actual costs. Please note that while there will not be tents for exhibiting foundations, there will be one large tent in a separate area for sponsoring foundations. 

Those with tables can start setting up at 4 PM. The tables can remain set up during the Night of Golden Lights program but must be  broken down by 8:30 PM. 

Unlike pre-COVID CureFest, there will be no foundation tables or tents on the National Mall on Sunday, September 26 due to budget limitations and National Park Service regulations related to our 2021 site.


Please contact Kristen at with any questions.  

Sponsor a Flag
$30 to sponsor an international flag, a gold flag and a 7' flagpole

Thank you for your support!

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