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How to Substantiate the Thesis

Many people think that in order to substantiate the thesis, you need to have a higher education and experience in writing an essay, but this is not so. Abstracts can be substantiated as follows:

  • His life experience, the stories of other people, both relatives and strangers. The main thing is that your story be believable without embellishment.

  • Various unusual and strange phenomena that everyone can observe.

  • Various facts, but remember they must be believable without your own thoughts. Only reliable and verified facts.

  • Also in the essay, you can use quotes from scientists, writers and other people who are related to creativity.

  • Historical events that are indirectly or directly related to the topic being presented.

  • Excerpt from normative acts and laws. It is advisable to use only current laws, but if necessary, you can use outdated ones. The main thing is that they be officially fixed and have confirmation.

All the evidence you have collected smoothly leads the reader to a refutation or proof of the hypothesis you have chosen. The main thing is that the essay should be built in a logical way. In no case should you change the structure of the essay, otherwise the entire text will be incomprehensible and crumpled. The writing style is light and casual. The write my research paper author can calmly express his thoughts, just make sure not to deviate from the given topic.

The essay came to us from the French language, which in translation means an essay or a sketch. Many students note that it is easier to write a test or an essay than an essay. Although, if you disassemble the structure, then everything is very simple.


To bring the essay to a logical conclusion, you need to write a conclusion that will complete your assumption. If the essay is large, then can move it to another page, and if the text is small, you can start it with a new paragraph. On average, one essay with several arguments takes up about an A4 sheet.



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