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Drag and drop multi-page spreadsheets into multiple CAD drawings to quickly create and assemble existing designs.Right-click on most parts and constraints to edit them or create additional constraints in a live drawing.Easily send your drawings to 3D-printing service providers.Automatically generate paths on imported images.Create efficient dimensions, annotations, and callouts.Add new annotation styles.Join or break a named path based on changes to a linked object, without moving the original object.Add styles from tables to annotations, constraints, and dimensions.Add AutoCAD-specific predefined colors and textures to an annotation.Create new annotation styles based on your existing colors.Easily define an object’s type and format to quickly create formatted text.Add a title, author, or modified date to your drawing.Easily convert line styles to polyline, arc, and closed shapes.Create and edit views of your drawing on mobile devices.Add textured images and embed video, audio, and imagery files.Add layers to your drawings and convert your layers to smart layers.Add details and annotations to drawings as layers, without adding more layers to your drawing.Create and export dynamic presentation, including using your own fonts and images.Work with a multi-resolution background grid.Simplify repetitive tasks through commands.Easily select all or multiple objects based on their color, style, or linetype.Create text that automatically changes fonts when you resize a text object.Easily define rules for drawing or editing.Select multiple objects using natural language selection.Easily define custom annotation styles.Download a free trial of AutoCAD to see how these new features work.Live: What’s new in AutoCAD 2023AutoCAD has been continuously improving since we released it in 1998. We’re constantly innovating to make it better. This month we have added new capabilities to the program. Here’s a look at the key features that have been added and enhanced in AutoCAD 2023.Markup Import and Markup AssistAutoCAD 2be273e24d


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