Foundation and Exhibitor Registration

Please Note: Exhibiting organization registration is now closed.

Please fill out the Registration Form to secure your space at CureFest. Participation by childhood cancer foundations and groups is free and a table and chairs are included.  (Please contact Kristen at [email protected] for details.)

Please complete the following Registration Form. Rental fees apply and are based on actual cost by the tent rental vendor.

Connect With The Community

Tell your foundations' unique story and raise awareness

Space on the National Mall

A 6′ table and chairs will be provided free of charge

10×10 Pop-Up Tent

If you would like to rent a 10×10 pop up tent, the rental fee is $100.00 which includes set up and take down and 35-gallon water-filled barrels to hold down the tent. (Please note, this is the actual cost of the vendor’s rental fee and is not marked up.)

For safety reasons, the National Park Service now requires that all tents be rented and secured by our authorized vendor. (In the past a handful of foundations have brought their branded tents but that is not allowed this year.)